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Michael N. Fineman, Da.D

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When you meet Michael, he will tell you that he is a Father first, then a Faith Based Motivational Speaker and Guide. Michael’s passion radiates and his contagious attitude and joy filled spirit invites his audience to join him on a transformational journey leading people to discovering their identity in Christ and their purpose in life. Book Michael to speak live or virtually at your event today!

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A Community for Dads, Built by dads

Fatherhood doesn’t always come naturally, and it’s even harder if you didn’t have a father that taught you how to be a dad.

To help guide your children to become the best version of themselves, you must allow yourself to be chiseled into the best version of yourself. We offer a support system you can learn from, where you will find other Dads to walk alongside of you. It’s time to replace fear, shame and doubt with the faith and guidance needed to become a hero in your child’s life.

Let’s be better Dads together.

About Michael

Michael’s favorite part of life is being a Dad. Michael has many interests in Life. He is committed to helping his son pursue his dream of playing at a high level of basketball, involved in ministry, marketing, and speaking which provide a full and exciting life.

Michael’s close friends would tell you that he is high energy, and smiles often. Michael’s hobbies and passions revolve around his son’s basketball games and practice, being on and in the water, and enjoying the tropical lifestyle of South Florida where he resides. With this Identity crisis being at massive proportions, Michael won’t just stand idle, and he knows it’s his calling to do something about it and sound the trumpet! 

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